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Annunciation Crucifixion

CNS has a informative piece on When Good Friday falls on the feast of the Annunciation. As with many things (especially pertaining to feasts and calendars), the West and the East approach this liturgical conundrum in different ways. In the Roman tradition the solemnity of the Annunciation is displaced by Good Friday and moved to the next available day. Since the solemnity of Easter is eight days that means the first available day is the Monday after the Second Sunday of Easter. In the Byzantine tradition, however, Good Friday does not displace the Annunciation. When they fall on the same day both are celebrated on that day. Both traditions are rooted in the history of the Church’s practice and both have sound reasons. From this a couple of things struck me. First, I was reminded that Romans have a particular intensity psychologically building up to the Triduum and Easter Sunday. Celebrating another feast on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday would disrupt that spiritual and psychological progression to Easter. It would at least disrupt the intensity of it – switching gears is difficult in this case. But this fact about Romans reminded me of something I particularly love about Byzantines: Celebrating multiple feasts on one day is par for the course. What is particularly interesting though is that the celebration of the Annunciation will not in any way take away from the Byzantine’s experience and celebration of Good Friday.


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