Praise for the Trinity

O Lord God, Holy Trinity and Unity, there are so many different ways in which people are drawn to Your magnificence, wonder, and glory. For one it is two women in a deeply religious country fighting in a street with the towns people around them – a great commotion – a sight that for the person who comes from a secularized apathetic world is a witness of passion and life. For another it is the presence of one sitting with them in their squalor and stench when no one else could bear it, and being looked upon with eyes of love rather than empty pity. For yet another it could be the beauty of a sunset filtered through sand lingering in the air after a sandstorm. There is no one way in which people are drawn to You. Perhaps this is because we who are not simple cannot grasp the simplicity of Your grandeur and so it must come to us as light through a prism. For me it was the ineffability of Your truth. Incomprehensibility beyond all human rationality and yet wholly reasonable. You, O Holy Trinity, are the One to which all these direct our gaze. Is there any mystery greater than Your Three and One? A single deity is easy to accept. The existence of such simply makes sense. But a single deity who is a single person eternal and infinite sounds cold; it does not satisfy the longing of the heart. How easy to reduce such a deity to a lonely monad, experiencing a lack, not whole and complete unto itself and, therefore, needing us. What an abhorrent and pathetic thing – certainly nothing worthy of worship! Like an atheist, I cannot tolerate such a god for such a god would be less then the lack and, therefore, not my heart’s desire. In insanity I would have to say the lack would be worthy of my worship and the desire of my heart. Such illogical nonsense! No I desire love and only a God Who was love complete unto Himself would be worthy of worship and the desire of my heart. But love can never be singular; it can only be multiple. So the One God being love complete unto Himself is Three: Unity in Trinity, Trinity in Unity. A Father wholly given to the Son and a Son wholly given to a Father, a generation in Love overflowing, a commingling in Love enveloping. And this Love is called Holy for it is the perfection and fount of every purity. This Love is called Spirit for it is the spirating breath of the Father through the Son back to Himself. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – three persons, one and the same divinity, union with distinction, but not separation – You deigned to create all things and man for Yourself; not out of need, but out of pure outpouring love nor due to lack, but due to gratuity. Such a God, a Holy Trinity, is glimpsed in the love of presence in squalor and stench, in passion and life, in beauty, and in wondering truth. All glory to You, O Lord, all glory to You, most Holy Trinity in Unity.



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