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A Drifting


I have been a drifting
Not centered on our prayer
One of deep indwelling
Oh spirit lead me there

Focus gone askew
World caught my gaze
Distracted from you
No time to praise

In closing of eyes
Soul leads the way
Oh Spirit of drawing
Please let us now pray

As gifts of eternal
Rein from above
Let you be my treasure
The source of all love

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What he said.

Catholic Voices Comment

31A125FC00000578-3468921-image-a-100_1456726713671[Austen Ivereigh] It is a remarkable coincidence that Cardinal George Pell, one of the Vatican’s most senior figures, should be giving evidence to an Australian child abuse enquiry in the week that the Spotlight movie received an Oscar, and not long after the Pope’s safeguarding advisory body suspended one of its members.

It is also remarkable that this extraordinary confluence of events should be taking place in Lent, a time for facing past failings and sins. There is a strong sackcloth-and-ashes feel both to Spotlight, and to the evidence that Cardinal Pell is giving each night over video link from the Quirinale Hotel in Rome to the Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to sexual child abuse.

The Commission is investigating the extent to which Cardinal Pell was party to decisions by bishops in Ballarat and Melbourne to shuffle paedophile priests between parishes, despite the appalling harm they committed. This is the third…

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