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How interesting it is that Hannah offered her child, Samuel, to the Lord. She was not able to have a child, greatly desired a child, and made the blessing of a child her particular intention before the Lord. He heard her prayer and blest her with a child. As soon as her child was weaned she gave him up. She gave him to the Lord, to be a perpetual nazarite and raised in the Lord’s house by the high priest, Eli. Her action points to the reality: the child already belonged to the Lord. Everything we receive from Him is His. Her action also indicates something else: it is the supreme act of gratitude. Supreme gratitude is sacrificial. Would she have been truly grateful if she had merely dedicated Samuel to the Lord by way of the prescriptions of the Law? Yes. Would she have been truly grateful if she had raised Samuel in a holy way so that all the days of his life he feared the Lord? Yes. But would these have been the greatest way to show her gratitude? No. Giving her child to the Lord was the supreme act of gratitude. She was so grateful she was willing to suffer in order to give back. Her gratitude was not justice; it was love. And when we give back to God in this way He does the most amazing things with what we have offered. Samuel was the last judge, the one who instituted Israel’s monarchy: the monarchy and dynasty from which our Saviour sprung.



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